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Got Records?

Dear Triad Member -

This list was "inherited" from a friend of mine on the Mississippi Adoption Mailing List (MAML). I don't have time to check all of the links at once, so please be patient until I can be sure that all of the links work. If you find one that has a problem, please let me know.

If you're beginning a search (or if you're frustrated because you aren't getting anywhere) I can give you a few pieces of advice.

1. Always document registries. In fact, always document everything. Buy a three ring binder and dividers. Organize your information by relevance. Put your Birth Certificate (if you have one) with your information from ISSR and any information from the agency or lawyer. Make sure you write down all of the registries you are signed up on and the information you gave them. Do everything you can to keep your contact information on those registries up to date.

 2. If you can, write down everything you can remember your guardian(s) telling you about your birthparents. You'll never know when some little tidbit might help.

3. Maintain an e-mail address that WILL NOT CHANGE! If you don't, there's a possibility that the administrator won't be able to get in touch with you in the event of a match. I recommend Hotmail.

Tina's State Links-for every state excellent site-over 200 links to each state

Search Tips & Suggestions







Four Steps:

Collect your documents.

Notarize all documents.

Have all notarized documents certified by the county clerk in the county where the notary is registered.

Have all certified documents authenticated at the consulate of the country you will adopt in.


Tina's Online Databases

Welcome to Tina's Reunions Registries and Forums Link

Online Databases

National Adoption Clearinghouse Database Listing

Search the Documents Database

Adoption and Search

Related Links

State Adoption Laws and Legal Aide Websites


The Free Library of Philadelphia

1901 Vine Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 686-5322

Internet Resource Links

Acquire Legal records


Surfpoint Directory

Genealogy Adoption Search

Genealogical Societies

Genealogy of UK & Ireland

Genealogy of US & Canada

Getting Started


Other Countries




Petitioning the Court to Open Your Adoption File (for adoptees adopted in the United States:

Shea's Search Series


The Adoptees Internet Mailing List


State Birth Certificate Codes:

It appears as though not all states adhere to the federal system, namely NH & PA.

The numbers with a question mark are states that I cannot verify the number and am just guessing. It appears as though MD and NY issue a completely new number to adoptees. The fourth and fifth digits in the bc number signify the year on all.

The explanation given me from an IL hospital is the last six numbers are sequential numbers issued to

hospitals in group lots of a given number, i.e., Jones Hospital would get 000001 through 000500, and Smith Hospital would get 000501 through 001000. When the hospital uses up all it's assigned numbers, it requests more from the state.

AK - 150, AL - 101, AR - 103, AZ - 102, CA - 104, CO -105, CT - 106, DC - 108, DE - 107, FL - 109, GA - 110?, HI - 151, IA - 114, ID -111, IL - 112, IN - 113, KS - 115, KY - 116, LA - 117 or 157, MA - 120?, MD - 119 or 154, ME -118, MI - 121, MN - 122, MO - 124, MS - 123, MT - 125, NC - 132, ND - 133, NE - 126, NH -128?, NJ - 129, NM - 130, NV - 127, NY - 131? or 156, OH - 134, OK - 135, OR - 136, PA -137?, RI - 138, SC - 139, SD - 140, TN - 141, TX - 142, UT - 144, VA - 145, VT -143?, WA - 146, WI - 148, WV - 147, WY - 149



Several unethical searchers have been know to obtain people's phone number off of the adoption/reunion registries, if a searcher contacts you by phone/mail/ not hire this person.

Always, if you hire a searcher, get references from friend, or family........someone that you can trust!!!!!






Adoption Reunion Registry - World Wide



--this is a wonderful lady!


Division of Youth and Family Services



Colorado Mutual Consent Registry


British Columbia's

Adoption Reunion Registry




Texas Adoption Search Registry


The "Seekers of the Lost" International FREE adoption and missing persons registry--

The Largest FREE registry on the Internet--


Here's how to read the ADOPTION REGISTRY:


Welcome to Wingy's Registry


United States Adoption Registry




Register Instantaneously

FIND-ME is a Reunion Registry for families separated by adoption or involuntary relinquishment. The FIND-ME Registry System includes worldwide registration, e-mail, and free Registry Search.


Military Adoption Registry


The Difference


Dreambook: Coalition for Adoption Registry Ethics


Michigan Adoption Search Registry


Finding Your Roots

Vermont Adoption Registry




Adoption Reunion Registry


Arizona Registry for Adopted Adults


For Searches involving the State of Illinois

Maryland's Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry is a service of the State of Maryland


Department of Human Resources has an adoption program. The department realizes that adoption services should not be limited to the time before finalization. It offers this service to persons adopted in Maryland and to birth family members.

The Registry enrolls adoptees and their birth families who wish to find each other. Registry staff compares information provided by registrants and "matches" adoptees with their birth family members. They then confirm the information with agency and court records before the registrants are contacted by a social worker and given the information.


Adoption Reunion Registry


Here you will find listings of Adoptees born in Wisconsin and Birthfamilies who placed a child in Wisconsin searching to find their missing counterpart. The State of Wisconsin, as a governmental body, does not offer a reunion registry. Five years ago, an adoptee and birthmother pooled their sources and created a database to house the following registrants and formed the Independent Confidential Adoption Research Efforts to house Wisconsin Registrants - the Wisconsin I.C.A.R.E. Registry. To date, both adoptees and birth families have benefited from the I.C.A.R.E. Registry in their search to find one another.



A National Adoption Registry


Together Again Adoption Registry

On-Line Adoption Registry







(Unmoderated chat)

Bulletin Board for searchers from Western Pa, East Oh & Northern WV.



This site is intended to assist those of us both adopted & kept to locate siblings lost to adoption. Our searches are among the most difficult due to the fact that we often are looking with the most minimal details. Most of us start the search for siblings after finding our birth mothers or other birth relatives.

So, at the point when we think our search is over we find that it is just beginning. Since there are many sites on the net that offer good search info we will simply add a page with links to these sites. Our main purpose is to offer a registry where you can post your search for siblings. Our links page will offer other sites to post your search for other birth relatives.

Genealogy Online

United States White Pages

United States Yellow Pages

Adoption and Search


Related Links


Black Market Adoptee's Registry this is for all states to obtain vital records

and has many links regarding adoption.


The ISRR is the oldest and largest free reunion registry in the world. It is a confidential, mutual consent registry, which means that information sent to the ISRR will not be given to any third party or used to solicit business for professional searchers. To get a free registration form, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:


P.O. Box 2312

Carson City, NV 89702-2312

The ISRR can also be reached by telephone at

(702) 882-7755.

For more information about the ISRR and how it works, visit the ISRR informational site at:


Bastard Nation has on its website links to search resources by state.

The BN website also has a lot of great information on adoptee rights activism and how you can get involved. It's not about being radical; it's about empowerment and restoring adoptees' constitutional rights.

With the proliferation of online registries, a coalition of concerned individuals created a monitoring organization in response to the need for the standardization of policies and procedures of online registries.

C.A.R.E., the Coalition for Adoption Registry Ethics, was formed to provide a way for the online searching community to safely and effectively search for birth relatives online without being exploited for profit and without having confidential information given or sold to third parties. The C.A.R.E. website may be found at

A list of registries which comply with the standards set by C.A.R.E. can be found at the website, along with information regarding the ISRR.


Searching can be a real roller coaster ride - up, down and sideways. There are a lot of support groups available to searching adoptees and birthparents, both online and off. Everyone should visit the award-winning site, Voices of Adoption. Webmaven and adoptee activist Denise Castelluci has put together a website with stories, links, chat, mailing lists and activism links. This site has something for everyone involved in adoption. Voices of Adoption can be found at


The Sunflower Ladies:

Birthmoms searching can get some great resources and support from Alana's Sunflower page. There is a mailing list for birthmoms only.


OASIS - Organization for Adoptees - Search and Individual Support:

This is a New Jersey based support group for adoptees only, with a mailing list and monthly support group meetings. The mailing list, Oasislist can be found on the Onelist site at

For more information on the mailing list or monthly support group meetings, email or

Adoptees Internet Mailing List (AIML): To subscribe send email to

In the body of your email message, type ONLY:

subscribe adoptees First name Last name

Membership on AIML is restricted to legal adoptees and "adoptee-lites" only (adoptee-lites are people who were raised without one or both birth parents, but who were never legally adopted).

MAML (Mississippi Adoption Mailing List) Is located on the Onelist site. There are mailing lists for triad members in specific states as well as lists for those reunited, those searching, adoptive families and more.

New York: If you have a New York adoption connection, check out Sylvia

Ackerson's website and mailing list at

Children's Pennsylvania Adoption Information Network

Adoption Information Registry NY

Resources by State

The following Links are for Information,

Support and Resources




Falsified Birth Certificates


Shea's Search Series




Petitioning the Court to Open Your Adoption File (for adoptees adopted in the United States)




Adoption Information and Search


Ellen's Reuniting Families


Adoptees Internet Mailing List

BirthQuest - An Online International Searchable Database Dedicated to

Searching Adoptees, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents and Siblings

Missing Birth Parents - resources for searching for your birth parents


Adoption Reform


List of United States Counties -

counties are listed in two different

orders: by state and by county name


World GenWeb Project


United States GenWeb Project


A Genealogy Primer


American Research Room - an online resource for information about tracing your American roots.


ROOTS-L United States Resources


Cyndi's list of Genealogical Sites on the Internet - Over 28,350 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 90 categories


Elizabeth Orsay's Genealogy Links


Ground Work - Genealogy on the Internet


Family Workings - Lots of useful genealogy links, ancestor queries, adoption queries, obituaries, donated research, and much more for all genealogists!!!


Genealogy Helplist - consists of volunteers who are willing to help others by looking up specific items at institutions near them, or help supply other information easily accessible to them.


Everton's Genealogical Helper


Family Tree Maker by state


Janyce's Root Diggin' Dept


Cook Memorial Public Library's Online Genealogy Resources


Genealogy Gateway To The Web(TM) - Free Genealogical Services & Well

Over 41,000 Resource Listings


The Political Graveyard -

Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried~

Genealogy's Most Wanted!


Internet Genealogy Directory


Rooting Around the Web




Resources for Adoptees (Includes Databases)


Investigative Resources on the Web


Ancestral Findings - Free Searches


This is a feel good place to go~good songs and poems: Mr. Moms Web Site


I found this site on another list and found it interesting:


Michael Marsee Home Page dotts tree maker


T.I.E.S. Terminal Illness Emergency Search


The Volunteer Search Network,

this is a very good place to post information


This is an excellent place to register and post information






This lady's name is Wilma write her with your story and see if she can help you, she may not answer your e-mail but she will post the information on her registry, be real specific with your story, and attach anything that you

think will help her help you.


LDS Family History Centers, if you decide to use them, I've been told they don't believe in opening records re: adoption, tell them your are doing genealogy research re: your family history. United States of America


The Salvation Army - Texas


Programs & Services, Salvation Army


Family Tracing Service, Salvation Army


E-Mail Addresses, Salvation Army


Search Index


An Adoptee's Right to Know

Adoption & Search Links


Owen's Quick-Link Adoptee Resources








ABSTRAX (Real Estate and Public Records Research)


Adoption Search by DOB/State


The American Information Network, Inc.




Ameridex Information Systems

($50 sign up fee. Database for people tracing on the internet; over 200 million names, 170 million with date of

birth; birthparents and adoptees searches; DOB verification; SSDI; databases of over 5 million active duty, reserve, & retired military personnel.)



California Research

Denise Gray - Adoption searcher. Can help

nationally. Phone: 1-888-624-2929 Pin# 1596647)



CDB Infotek

(Current Database & Price list: 1-800-427-3747) (Public

Records Online, over 1,600 databases & more than 3 billion records collected from local, county, state governments, all across the US, as well as the

federal government & various businesses)


CDB Infotek's Info:

PROBE Searches (locate people using only a name)


CIS's (Corporate Investigative Services)

250+ Searchable Databases

(STATUES: One of the most complete all-in-one sites with access to several dozen state constitutions, statues, codes, legislation, etc. NASIRE STATE SEARCH: StateSearch is a service of the National Association of

State Information Resource Executives and is designed to serve as a topical clearinghouse to state government information on the Internet.)


(MedAccess Searchable database including the physician locator, the hospital locator, the nursing home and long-term care facility locator, the HMO locator, the PPO Locator, etc.

MILITARY LOCATOR: This site contains a searchable active duty personnel database, overseas personnel database, duty losses database, two reserves databases and a military base locator database.)


CSRA Online (Nationwide Death Index, Military Search, Supplimentary Death Index, Missing Persons Trace, Birth Index - Search by 1st name, and/or last name, and/or date of birth - very inexpensive $3 or less)


Current First Name & DOB Search (FEE involved) (Genealogy,Sibling/Parent/Adoption Searches/

DeadBeat Parent Searches - current & previous address, relatives & associates, neighbors & address profiles,

D.O.B., S.S. #s, D.L. data, etc.)


CyberPages International - Lost & Missing Relatives


The Daily Watch - St. Louis, MO -- Online Public Record Search of Greater St. Louis, MO area


Data Searches


Data Searches & Other Utilities


Directory of Database Services (links to useful investigative type databases, many on the net)



DMV records, license plates,

driving records (Fee



DocuSearch USA -

Database (Find people & information about them)


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

(Credit Reports, Driver Records, Criminal History)


Find A Friend


Find People Fast


Free Database Searches



Free Searches on the Internet (NOT ALL OF THESE ARE FREE: People Finder Searches, Government Investigative Databases, Search Engines, Other PI Information, Accident Investigation Related Links,Adoptee/Reunion Links, Phonebooks on the Net, Privacy Subjects, Just for Fun, Other Investigative Databases, State Agency Database Searches, Business Intelligence Gathering,

Newsgroups & Mailing List Searches, National

Investigative Associations, State Private Investigative Associations, Missing/Wanted Persons Links, New Graphics & Marketing Links, Free Software, Locate a Private Investigator)

FYI Public Records Research


Global Electronic Marketing (GEM), Inc.

(Public records searches)


Independent Search Consultants


Infinity Information Network Homepage


Information America's Wizard

(Locate people using only a name)


Information Resource Service Company

(I.R.S.C.) - one-stop source for

online public records

(concentration in California records)


Information Search Inc. (Public records)


Instant Technologies, Ltd. - Missing Persons



Internet Dept. of Motor Vehicles


Internet Sleuth (1800 searchable databases)


Investigation Online (Searchable Databases)


Investigative Resource, Inc. (Public records searches)


Investigative Resources International

(Investigation & Public Records)


Kale Investigation Agency

- Worldwide Private Investigator

Database(Adoption Searches)



also electronic white pages

(gives name, current & previous address,

DOB, phone number, maiden name)


(Background info)

(Background info)

(Public Records)

(Directory, State Public Records Library)


(Search driver's license database by

first name &/or date of birth)


National Credit Information Network

(Fee based searches for:

death records, national change of addresses, social security number, telephone number,

voter registration records, date of birth, vehicles owned by, real estate ownership, criminal history)


National Document Retrieval

(NDR), Inc. (Public records research)




Non-Published Telephone Number

(provide Name & City - $175 fee)


Online Databases

(Great for any Searcher)


Professional Searches for:

Insurance Agents, Real Estate Brokers,Attorneys



Public Data Corportation (PDC)

(New York City Public Records)


Redi-Info Information Service -

online public records service


RMI Online Information Services


Scout: Public Records


SearchAmerica, Inc.


search Surnames, Addresses, Telphone

Numbers, & Directory Assistance)



(200 Different-

good for all types)




Site Search Databases


SIEC Database Search



(FREE searches: Provides lead lists using CSRA

databases(email request-allow 2 wks.+);

SC (95 Edition) & TX (97

Edition) Driver License Databases;

Ohio Voter Registration (97 Edition);

Tri-State (NY, NJ, & CT) People Finders;

coming soon: NY Birth & Death

records 1800s-1985.

Database searches 50 states & DC.



The Stalker's Home Page

(Tons of info here: Search engines, search

sites, telephone directories, databases.)


State Agency Database Search (NAIS)


State Public Records Databases


Top Ten Best Computer Searchers

for Locating Missing Persons

(1-Social Security Trace;

2-Voter Registration Search;

3-Uniform Commercial Codes (UCCs);

4-National Identifier;

5-Forward Addresses;

6-Driver License Information;

7-Alpha Vehicle Registration;

8-Online Criss-Cross Directories

(includes Surname search);

9-Traffic Tickets,

The Hidden Gold Mine!;

10-Marriage Records,

Another Hidden Goldmine!)


Unlisted - Unpublished Telephone

Numbers & Other Secrets (Find out!

Telephone Numbers, Addresses, Employers, Bank Accounts, & Other Secrets.

Nationwide service. Fee-based. (Expensive)



(links virtual gumshoes to info on accessing vital, vehicle, & estate records; searching adoption databases;

linking to telephone & e-mail directories)


WESTLAW (most comprehensive collection of online public records in the world) (public information) (public records)




The following sites are Military related:

This is help for DOD Who's Database,

a must see if you are looking for anyone in the military and have a name there are many ways to search this site, I have 10 pages of information I could scan them for everyone but it would make a huge attachment .You

can print out a copy at the address above there are also links to the sites to retrieve the documentation, you may be searching for. sources Ever wonder where Pi's get there info from?

here's one of them!,

including FAA Aircraft Database,

Aviation Medical Examiners Database,

Certified Pilots Database,

U.S. Federal and State courts finder,

Federal and state

constitutions, statutes and codes,

Searchable College Telephone Books

from around the world,

"Ask Eric Service",

Census lookup, Census County

and City Data Books,

Where to write for Vital Records,

Searchable library Card catalogs,

Finger Utility,

Medical Database,

Military locator service,as well as many other useful links.





Reverse phone look-up

locate someone that's moved

Air Force Personnel Center

Air Force Times On Line ($3.50/month access fee)

Air Force Worldwide Locator


AJAX U.S. & International Government Military & Intelligence Agencies



AmerAsian Network


American Veterans (American War Library: U.S. Veterans, war correspondents & other civilian personnel, military orgs., etc.)


Army Retire/Separated Locator Military City


Army Times On Line ($3.50/month access fee)


Army Worldwide Active Duty Locator


Center of Military History


Comprehensive List of All Civilians

& Military Personnel Killed at Pearl Harbor


Defense Tech. Information Center




The Federal POW/MIA Database


Grand ReUnion '96




Korean War Project & Casualty Lists


Look Up Veterans On Line


The Marine Corps edition of Navy Times on Line ($3.50/month access fee)


Marine Quest


Military Brats


Military Brats On Line


Military City Bulletin Board


Military City Online Web Outpost (Locator)

Military & Civilian Personnel Records


Military Family Institute


Military Locator Homepage


Military Personnel Records - NPRC(MPR)


Military Records Requests


Military Search Bulletin Board


Military Sites


National Archives & Records Administration


National Personnel Records Center

(Military & Civilian Records, Bay St. Louis, MI)


National Reunion Registry


Navy Locator


Navy OnLine Home Page



Navy Times On Line ($3.50/month access fee)


OverSeas Brats Database


OverSeas Brats Home Page!mcl/osb.osbmain.htm

The Seeker, Reuniting America


US Locator Service


USAR SPACE Refugee Home Page


Veteran's Archives


Vets.Com Magazine


Vietnam Casualty Search Page


Vietnam Era Prisoner of War,

Missing in Action Database (The Library of Congress)


Vietnam Memorial Database (Everton's On-line Search)<IDNUMBER>


Vietnam Veterans Home Page


Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall


Vietnam Veterans Home Page - Mirror Site


Vietnam Vets


Vietnam War Casualty Search


Birth, Death and Marriage Records - International