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These are just some of my favorite pictures - of things I care about, friends, family, and some from my trips to NYC and Europe. Enjoy!

Adoption Poster
I am an empassioned supporter of providing identifying adoption records to adoptees on their eighteenth birthday. I had to fight tooth and nail for mine, and used them to find my birthmother, Pam McDaniel Restreppo.

These are some of my favorite pictures from England and France. I'll have Vienna, Prague, and Berlin up soon.

[Thomas on the day we got engaged.]

Thomas and I were engaged on 10 March 2003 in front of his parent's beach cottage on Oak Island, North Carolina.

Me at Omaha beach
Thomas took this picture of me at Omaha beach. You can see part of the Vierville Draw behind me.

Dr. Andy Wiest with the Real McCoy at Hastings
Andy asked me to take this picture of him with reenactors at the Battle Abbey near Hastings, England.

Marker at Omaha American Cemetary for Harold Josewiski
When Andy takes a group of students to the American Cemetary, he suggests you find a person who means something to you, whether they were from your hometown, or were killed on your birthdate, you should find some way to connect with that individual. I found this marker for Sgt. Harold Josewski, who was killed on my birthdate in 1941. If you are a relative of Sgt. Josewski, please contact me via the guestbook.

Mune and Ed preparing to visit Parliament in session
Ties are de rigueur for the Britsh Parliament, and Mune was not the world's best at dressing up. In fact, he had to borrow the tie from another student, and when he got it, he couldn't tie a proper knot. Ed, who is legally blind, stood behind Mune, tied the tie, and I caught this picture as Ed made his final adjustments.

Corner at the center of the world
I visited NYC for the first time in 2000, and fell in love with the city. In adoration of Broadway, I had to have this photo.

Our niece, Ally
Ally is a delight! She's growing up way too fast. Soon I'll put up some more recent photos of her.

Ally at the beach!

And, our nephew Andrew
Andrew is the most serious child I've ever met. Thomas and I love listening to his stories about his snake-powered cars.

My sister-in-law Susan's newest addition, Tilly the Filly
One of Susan's horses had Tilly two Decembers ago. This was taken when she was a few weeks old, I think.

Thomas on our first Christmas
This was taken at Thomas' parents house, on our first Christmas together.

Brittany and  her friends in the SHS guard, 2000
This picture was taken just after Brittany's first band competition, at Gulf Coast Band Contest in Gulfport, MS.